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Conceived in Rape & Other Exceptions

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What about children conceived in rape or incest? What about fetal deformity? What about threats to the life or health of the mother? These are the abortion exceptions.

Jackie Evans, Mother from Incest

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Jackie tells of the difficult struggles that she faced as a young woman, and how they were all overcome in time, by her decision to cherish the life of her daughter.

Lianna Rebolledo, Mother from Rape

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Lianna was raped by two men at knife-point when she was only 12 years old. At first she was unable to cope; but when she found out that she was pregnant, she found her reason for living, and all things turned out well...

Ashley Sigrest, Mother from Rape, Post-Abortive

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Ashley shares her painful experiences as a young woman, and talks about how she eventually found healing.

Rebecca Kiessling, Spokesperson for the Hard Cases

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Rebecca Kiessling is a voice for those who are marginalized in the extreme, being screened and exterminated before birth. She speaks about those conceived in rape, and special-needs children.

Kevin Williams, Documentary Producer

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Kevin talks about how he was inspired to get involved in the pro-life movement by a revelation of divine love for children of rape and incest.

Laura Tedder, Conceived in Rape, Abortion Survivor

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Laura Tedder was conceived in rape, and is an abortion survivor with special needs. She has been through numerous trials in life, but has resigned herself to trust in God throughout them all.

Conceived in Rape Trailer

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Thomas Smith, Ectopic Pregnancy Survivor

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There is only a very small likelihood of a tubal ectopic pregnancy resolving itself naturally to re-attach in the uterus, and with termination being almost universally recommended in this circumstance, the chances of ...

Kristi Hofferber, Conceived in Incest

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Kristi tells about how she discovered the mysterious circumstances of her birth late in life; and how she came to

Dr. Patrick Johnston, on Abortion and Healthcare

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Dr. Patrick Johnston addresses the idea that abortion might be needful in cases where the life of the mother is in danger.

Ashley Sigrest, Mother from Rape, Post-Abortive

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Pam Stenzel, Conceived in Rape

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Pam Stenzel speaks of her origins, and her experiences with other women who faced difficult circumstances like her mother did. She also talks about pro-life strategy and principles.